Boxing Throwback 80’s Style

While sports have taken a major backseat in 2020, now’s the time to remember some of the best sporting events in history. Boxing has one of the greatest inventories for legendary matches especially during the 80’s. Although Mohammed Ali was fading into the background, threatening the sport’s high-profile nature, the 80’s proved to be one of boxing’s greatest eras of all time.

Let’s take a look at one of the best boxing matches of that era – Marvelous Marvin Hagler and Thomas ‘Hit Man’ Hearnes.

Although it only lasted three rounds, the eight-minute match had more drama, action and tension than ever. Undisputed champion Marvin Hagler was up against his challenger Thomas Hearnes, a world junior middleweight champion in what was named The War.

Round 1 was not a slow start as Hagler, normally one to pace himself, stormed Hearnes and landed several right hands with Hearnes throwing one straight back, temporarily stunning his opponent. Moments later the two were trading punches but Hagler remained the aggressor with Hearnes breaking his hands in the middle of their two and a half minute slog. Heavy blows were traded and despite developing a cut on his forehead, Hagler continued to pin Hearnes to the ropes as round 1 came to a finish.

By the second round, the prospects of this big boxing match looked bleak for Hearnes who began to stumble and was visibly fatigued, described as ‘rubbery-legged’ by the commentator. Again by the end of this round Hagler had Hearnes pinned to the ropes and landed a round of punches. Despite the pace slowing from round one, Hagler still dominated the match.

In round 3 Hearnes made his last attempt to overpower his opponent and Hagler’s wound on his forehead began to split in a tremendous flow of blood. Halting the match, a ringside physician examined the cut but since it did not affect Hagler’s eyesight the fight continued and Hagler returned with the aggression of round 1. It was with his renewed power that Hagler landed a right hook to Hearne’s head and chin followed by two uppercuts which left the man limp before he fell face first. Blood soaked, semi-conscious and with no fight in him left, Hagler won the fight that British Boxing News called ‘eight minutes of mayhem’.