Top 5 tech gadgets under £50

Gadgets can really come in handy, sometimes in ways you never even thought of! Here are some of the best tech gadgets trends under £50.

Huawei Band 4 Fitness Tracker

There are many fitness watches on the market, many of which can set you back a few hundred pounds – an expensive purchase for a one-hour workout! The Huawei Band 4 is an affordable alternative at £27.99. The device allows you to track a range of workouts including calories burned, heart rate and duration, receive alerts straight from your phone and the alert system will notify you if you’ve been sat too long, encouraging you to get up and keep active!

Car phone mount

When you don’t have a satnav to rely on using your phone is usually the next best option for navigation. Amazon has an amazing range of phone holders for under £10 as well as magnetised phone mounts too. These are super handy for using maps and Bluetooth safely on your phone.

Amazon Echo Dot

Almost every household has some kind of smart device in their home but there’s a reason why. The Amazon Echo Dot is a useful device that can do almost anything – play music, control home devices, tell you the weather and play games. Many of these features can make day to day life a little easier such as sending audio announcements from room to room and setting cooking timers when making dinner. Once you have one you won’t be able to imagine life without it!

Hot drink warmer

Perfect for at home or in the office, a heated cup stand is one of the best tech gadget gift ideas out there! When you forget about your tea or coffee they go cold pretty quickly, but mug warmer plates sit right on your desk so you can keep your drinks at the perfect temperature. You can pick these up for a little as £7.99 or $27.99 with thermal mug included.

Phone printer

Put your favourite photos on display with a smartphone photo printer. From as little as £40 you can print off your best photos before they get deleted!