Animal Crossing: The Nostalgic Game Taking 2020 by Storm

If you haven’t heard about Animal Crossing: New Horizons, one of the Nintendo Switch games that has taken the world by storm, where have you been? The childhood game we all know and love is back and bigger and better than ever.

Released on March 20th 2020, the game has hit record-breaking number because of its loyal fans. The only difference is, New Horizons has had an upgrade combining some of the best original features with modes for the Nintendo Switch. The aim of the game is still the same – growing your island, making friends and improving your avatar’s skills.

You can also visit some of your favourite characters including Tom Nook, K.K Slider as well as a whole new community. Compared to the DS version, New Horizons is set on a desert island getaway instead of a village where there are collectables, new places to explore and a greater range of gameplay all around.

Some of the new features include Nook Miles, a secondary currency system that gives you long-term and short-term goals to complete – perfect for eager players that are left wondering what they should do once they’ve captured all of the available insects and fish, as well as decorated their home. Nintendo has also worked on the island’s museum – one of the most fulfilling parts of the game as you fill it with items you’ve collected. However, now the museum is a living shrine to everything you’ve achieved in the game, your memorable experiences are dated and marked so you can revisit them as much as you’d like.

As far as Nintendo Switch games go, if you’re looking for one that’s endearing, cute and pretty relaxing Animal Crossing is for you. This real-time game follows actual seasons and daylight hours, making your island seem as realistic as ever!

Act now to get your hands on the console and game before they sell out again!