UFC ROUND UP IS HERE! Jon Jones Vs. Lyoto Machida, Frank Mir Vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Claude Patrick Vs. Brian Ebersole plus much more!

Saturday night, UFC 140 saw a massive event with some big match ups, the event was held in Toronto

Featherweight Bout: Mark Hominck Vs. Chan Sung Jung


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Canadian Hominick v Jung kicked off the Main card in style but not how the Canadian would have wanted in front of his home crowd.

Horn sounded for round 1 and they met in the middle to touch gloves, normally the fighters step back after this but not Hominick looking desperate to entertain the crowd within a split second of touching gloves he swang for Jung and missed. Jung countered and caught Hominick good, down he went and Jung jumped on to finish with a flurry of punches, the whole fight lasted less time than it took for me to write this! Jung a very happy man for this win and in 7 seconds!

Winner: The Korean Zombie Chan Sung Jung KO 0:07 Round 1



Welterweight Bout: Claude Patrick Vs. Brian Ebersole


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After such an exciting start, up stepped these 2, the less we say about the first 2 rounds the better with both fighters grappling for a dominant position. The fight livened up a bit in the 3 round with Ebersole being more aggressive but it went down to the judges decision. I tough call and could have gone either way but Ebersole won it by split decision, Ebersole now unbeaten in 3 fights.

Winner: Brian “Bad Boy” Ebersole split decision



Light Heavyweight Bout: Tito Ortiz Vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueria


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Both fighters coming into this fight from defeats so a win in definitely in order! Horn sounded for round 1 and they came out swinging, Ortiz pushing Little Nog back. Little Nog started to respond and he started getting on top of things firing relentless shots, Ortiz was rocked by a big knee which took him down. Little Nog swarmed with a mixture of body and head punches, it looked at first like Little Nog would gas out but the vicious body shots kept raining in. Ortiz clearly not defending intelligently so the ref stepped in and called a stop to the fight. Ortiz clearly in pain holding his ribs.

Winner: Rogerio “Little Nog” Nogueria



Heaveyweight Bout: Frank Mir Vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira


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Little Nogs older brother stepped up next in the heavyweight bout against Frank Mir in a fight that’ll be remembered for 1 thing!



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It looks bad but seeing it pop is definitely a “Whoa!!!” moment.

So the fight started well for Big Nog and even made Mirs legs wobble. With Mir on the floor and Big Nog raining punches it looked like this was only going to end one way. Mir somehow gets on top after an attempted choke from Big Nog, he grabs the arm and goes for a Kimura, Big Nog rolls Mir to get out of it just for Mir to roll Big Nog again and now Big Nog is in trouble. Big Nog having never tapped in his long career was looking like he should but then theres the snap, you physically see the arm pop and the ref steps in. Mir celebrates leaving big Nog on the floor with a very lifeless arm. My first thoughts were that he popped his shoulder but as you can see from the x-ray it was a full break… “Submission of the century” said UFC president Dana White.

Winner: Frank Mir Submission 3:38 of Round 1




Light Heaveyweight Championship Bout Jon Jones Vs. Lyoto Machida


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Round 1 Machida was playing a good game and getting some good strikes, including a straight left which rocked Jones albeit temporarily. Machida was going to be Jones hardest fight to date and round 1 certainly proved this with Machida taking that round.

The 2nd round Machida was full of confidence from the first but midway through the round Machida found himself on his back and before he knew it Jones connected with a swift elbow to the forehead which opened up a nice gash, the ref called a time out to check. Doc had a quick look and no blood was going in the eyes of Machida so the fight continued. Machida got to his feet but was blooded and rocked, Jones pounding Machida with knees whilst he had a standing guillotine, he pushed him up against the cage and put Machida to sleep. An amazing standing guillotine, when Jones let go of Machida he dropped to the floor like a rag doll… still out!

Winner: Jon “Bones” Jones Submission 4:26 Round 2




What a great night of fights here are the $75,000 bonus awards:

Fight of the Night: Jon Jones vs. Lyoto Machida

Knockout of the Night: Chan Sung Jung

Submission of the Night: Frank Mir



Coming Soon… UFC 141 Lesnar Vs. Overeem